that was four weeks Chile with Easter Island ,

tomorrow on Saturday 25. October, we fly back to Germany


the many radio amateurs all over the world thanks for the many QSOs.



Joachim and Frank

Oct. 11

we are in Rapa nui, flight 5h delayed

Oct. 6

we are back in Santiage until we go to Rapa Nui there are only 5 days

We visit on Saturday,  Oct  4. the ESO, Eurpean Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere in La Silla.


arrive in La Serena, Oct. 1.


On September 30., we  use the station of the Radio Club de Chile for one hour. Unfortunately, the Yagi can not be rotated , rotator is defect. QRM is but even with S6 , QSO rate 78 , all at 28 MHz.

We try in the next week 7.-  10.  October  again to be QRV with CE3 / DL8LR and CE3 / DK5VP in Santiago de Chile. only for 1 or 2 days.

the Radio Club is only open 14 to 18 clock local time.

arrive in Santiago de Chile on 27. September

DL departure on 26. September